Medicare can
be complicated.

We make it simple.

Medical Insurance West Orange NJ

We’re here to help.

You have important decisions to make when you become eligible for Medicare. Our goal is to help you understand your options and feel confident about choosing coverage based on your needs — when you first enroll and every year after that.

Consultancy Services

The Sosa Insurance Group is locally located at 450 Pleasant Valley Way in West Orange, NJ. We specialize in Medicare Supplement, also known as Medigap, Medicare Advantage, Medicare and Medicaid, Stand-Alone Part D Prescription, Dental, as well as Final Expense, Individual and Long-Term Care Plans.

We are dedicated to informing and educating on the basics of Medicare by offering Medicare beneficiaries a complete understanding of all their Medicare options.

We can assist in the process for anyone who is retiring and getting Medicare, disabled and under 65 and has Medicare, turning 65, has Medicare and Medicaid, needs Part D prescription or recently moved to New Jersey and have Medicare.

Medical Insurance Company In West Orange NJ
Medicare Health Insurance Plans West Orange NJ

Team of Sales Representatives

“We are dedicated in informing and educating the Medicare-eligible consumer throughout their Medicare journey and assist them with their options by reviewing their current doctors, prescriptions, and offering them the correct plan based on their needs,” said George Sosa, President of The Sosa Insurance Group.

Contact The Sosa Insurance Group at 800-552-1934 or email us at for more information.

Interested in exploring the opportunity of becoming a licensed broker with us?

There are approximately 10,000 people turning 65 every day. We are in need of licensed brokers to assist those Medicare-eligible individuals with choosing a Medicare plan option that fits their needs. This is a great career opportunity to grow your own business and get paid very well, including residual income, as long as the client is your customer.

Our financial division of the firm specializes in looking at all elements of a person’s financial life and coming up with a plan to help you as an individual meet your responsibilities and achieve your goals through proper education and guidance.

It can include a number of services such as ask you about your goals and create a plan to help you reach them. That may mean calculating how much you should save for retirement, making sure you have an adequate emergency fund, offering tax-planning suggestions or helping you refinance or pay off debt and help reduce the taxes you pay and maximize the returns on any financial assets you may own.
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No experience necessary

We offer local on-going support, field training, and flexible hours. Full-time and part-time positions available. To find out more about this career opportunity, please contact George Sosa at 800- 552-1934 or email him at

About the Company

Learn about our Company and Career Opportunities

Did you know?

11,000 people turn 65 every day in the United States and more than double that number is expected by 2050.

Six-Figure Residual Income

Are you looking for an opportunity to earn a six-figure residual income?

Working A 9-5 Job

Are you tired of working a 9-5 job where you are told what time to:

– Wake up  – Arrive at work  – Take a break  – Eat lunch  – Go home

Own Your Book Of Business

Are you currently working for an Insurance agency but you don’t own your book of business?

Look no further, we've got you covered!

The need for Medicare healthcare plans is growing in America. With 11,000 people turning 65 every day and more than double that number by 2050 it’s clear we need innovative solutions to help our seniors prepare financially well before they reach old age!

Medicare Health Plans West Orange NJ

At The Sosa Insurance Group, you are:

  • Acquiring the ability to represent
    ALL insurance carriers
  • You get paid DIRECTLY from the insurance carrier
  • Medicare Health Plans are an excellent opportunity for high-profit potential as well as lifetime residual from start to finish. The plans stay on the books, requiring little servicing from you; they also have a very large market in NJ which can’t be matched by any other form of insurance!}
  • You own your book of business.
  • If you leave the agency, as long as your licenses and certifications are in good standing, the book of business goes with you and you will continue receiving your LIFETIME residual income

Working with the Sosa Insurance Group, you will be in business “for yourself NOT by yourself.”

  • Over 25 years of experience in the Healthcare Industry
  • Marketing Support
  • Full Onsite, Remote, and Field Training
  • Ongoing Support
  • Completed guided strategy provided by The Sosa Insurance Group Mentors
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Medicare Health Insurance Plans West Orange NJ

Some of the benefits of working with our brokerage firm:

High-Profit Potential: Medicare Health Plan sales offer a HIGH first-year commission as well as LIFETIME residual income. These plans stay on the books for a very long time and require very little servicing on your part.

Large Market: Perhaps the most important reason why brokers are successful is the readily available market. NJ has approximately 1.5 million+ eligible currently. Unlike other forms of insurance, Medicare Health Plans target an aging population who require insurance. And what’s more interesting, there is high potential that is increasing on a daily basis.

Ongoing Support and Training: We offer you consistent support throughout your career here by showing you how a proper presentation is done, we “Take you in the field and train you on how to present to prospective clients and close SALES.

Identifying your lead source: Getting in front of prospects consistently can be challenging to Brokers. Here at The Sosa Insurance Group, we provide:

  • Effective marketing Sales Funnels that provide agents with viable leads
  • Effective local “grassroots” marketing strategies
Medical Insurance Company In West Orange NJ

Over 15 years of Medicare experience

About George Sosa

30 years in the Sales and Marketing field.

B. A. from Rutgers University and have completed numerous continuing education course and seminars in sales, marketing; Fluent in Spanish.​

Father of three children and what I have achieved in the past 12 years working in the Medicare Industry for myself, has been the FREEDOM to enjoy my family and not having to miss a play, game or practice.

Opened up The Sosa Insurance Group in 2014 with the goal to help our Medicare eligible retirees by informing and educating them on the
importance of them having the right Medicare Health Plan for themselves based on their needs and affordability. As of this day, I have a team of about 25 brokers that also enjoy the same flexibility and stable income as I do.

George Sosa